About Us

Tiny Bee Gift Co. is a social enterprise that provides meaningful, personalized gift options for baby & child, while simultaneously reinforcing the concept of giving back.  Tiny Bee Gift Co. was founded by Amy Bean, a mother of 3 young children, who always felt a little guilty at the amount of money spent on children's gifts.  She wished there was a way to not only give a special gift to the honoree, but also to give an equal gift to other children that might need it a bit more.

Lo and behold the idea for Tiny Bee Gift Co. was born.  For each purchase of a book, we'll give a second book to the school library of your choice. The donation is up to you - you can choose to donate the given book to your local school library, a school library in your own town that might need it more, or let Tiny Bee make an impactful school library donation at a school that needs it most!  

The concept is simple.  Gift One.  Give One.  We at Tiny Bee believe that kids may be small in size, but their opportunity for doing good is BIG!


A bit about our Founder


Amy is a mother of 3 young children who has a passion for social enterprise and a heart for seeking out unique solutions to today's problems.  Amy was born and raised in Dallas and received a B.S. from the University of Texas and a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.  While at the Kennedy School she was exposed to social enterprise - the idea of using commercial strategies to tackle social problems.  Among her work experiences, she enjoyed working on a microfinance initiative with an amazing social entrepreneur in rural India and at a women's business training center in Boston, MA. Most recently she worked as CEO of a Dallas-based nonprofit, starting and supporting all-girls, college-preparatory public schools for low income students.