Gifts that Give Back


Tiny Bee Gift Co. is up and running and we couldn’t be more excited! Many of you have asked about the origins of Tiny Bee. I’ll explain a bit here…

While my three little boys have been busy growing up, so have the mounds of ‘stuff’ around our house! I am continually amazed at the number of things that kids accumulate. My extended families celebrate ‘big’ holidays, which also means that between Christmas, birthdays and other special days, my kids have a lot of toys.  I’ve always said ‘no gifts’ at children's birthday parties, but sometimes that doesn’t seem like very much fun for my kiddos.

As I began to think about a variety of topics that interest me – philanthropy, empathy, minimalism, intentional giving, simplicity – I began to wish there was a way to not only give a gift to a child, but to also give a gift to someone who might need it a bit more.

The Gift One. Give One. mantra of Tiny Bee Gift Co. was born. Our company strives to make holidays fun for children, while also teaching kids a valuable lesson about giving to others. I hope that Tiny Bee Gifts might help to usher in a bit of simplicity in our kids’ lives and into their holiday joy.

I hope that you will join me in giving wonderful, fun gifts that give back!