Hello Halloween!


Welcome October!  And Fall, and Halloween, and fun!

At my house, the kids energy level steadily rises throughout October, reaching a feverish high around Halloween.  It is the perfect culmination of all things kid - wonderful make believe, fabulous costumes and enchanting decorations.  This is our house...in JUNE. Needless to say, we take dressing up very seriously.

So, Halloween is perfect…except for that ONE little thing.  What to do with all. that. candy.  We all love a little treat, but the kids get buckets, and pillow cases and wagons full of candy!  Lots of parents are wondering what to do with it all after the wee ones have had a good amount of treats.

Enter, The Switch Witch, our Indie Book of the Month!  In perfect time, this little witch has swept into our hearts and homes and offered to 'switch' extra candy for a toy.  Oh, thank you, Switch Witch. The more candy you leave, the better your prize!  The Switch Witch comes with a darling book that tells the tale of how this witch needs your candy to power her home.   And it comes with the cute little witch toy too! 

As always, when you buy a book from Tiny Bee, you also make a book donation to the school library of your choice. Whether it is for your little one or a gift for others, you can give and give back this Halloween.  Gift One. Give One.