Simplify! Stock the Gift Closet in a Meaningful Way.


A new school year is upon us.  Don't forget to think of ways to simplify your life!  One of our favorite pieces of feedback we've gotten at Tiny Bee is the idea to stock a gift closet with books that give back.  Here's how to do it in 3 easy steps!

1) Select a variety of Tiny Bee books so that you will have something on hand for every occasion.  Think: ages & stages, interests & occasions!

2) Order them by writing BLANK in the To: so that you can fill it in later.  You can either fill in the From: now or leave that BLANK as well!  Select if you want the book donation to go to a school in need or the library of your choice.

3) You are ready to give and give back!  When a special occasion arises, grab a book, fill in the card and go.  Help spread JOY by teaching wee ones to give back AND by helping others.  What could be better?