Something You Want. Something You...


Have you heard about this?  Something you want. Something you need.  Something to Wear.  Something to Read.  What a great idea!  For those of us who struggle to keep things simple and meaningful, holidays are a particular bear. I first heard about this concept last year (albeit a bit too late) and just adored it.  

Most of us know what the Christmas on the left looks like. Rote. Excess. Waste. I am anxious to try a Christmas on the right!  Simple. Meaningful. 

Want. Need. Wear. Read.  I suspect one of the most important things a simple gift holiday can teach is our children is CONTENTMENT. This is a slippery one. The more that kids are given, the more they think they need to be 'happy.'  Have you ever noticed that the bigger the pile of presents gets, the faster kids tear through it and toss the toys aside? By the time we are adults, most of us have realized that 'things' are not going to make us truly happy. It's a lesson that we can start to share with our children while they are young. The ability to feel content is an important life skill.

I am also surprised that often times my kids have to work really hard to come up with things they 'want.'  They think that they are supposed to have a big long list of toys to give to santa and others. (Especially if they have been good!) When really, maybe it is only one toy that they really want.  Picking one 'want' item certainly reinforces the idea of contentment.

It goes without saying that if we are hoping to limit the amount of things our children get, we are certainly among the economically privileged ones in this world.  The only piece that I think this concept lacks is an element of giving back!  But of course, with such a simple shopping list, we would all have plenty of time to think of others this season!

Let us know how it goes. 

Gift One. Give One. 

Tiny Bee Gift Co.