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Indie Book of the Month!


Tiny Bee is delighted to highlight a favorite new book by an emerging author or independent publisher! Our copies of this book are limited and SIGNED by the author! - a perfect gift for a special occasion. Order personalized or with BLANK written in the to: and from: to keep in the gift closet.  As always, a second book donation made to the school library of your choice!

We are excited to announce our first ever Tiny Bee Indie Book of the Month...Where is Pidge? by Michelle Staubach Grimes. We are smitten with this charming story and its fabulous illustrations. Michelle believes "we all have a little bit of Pidge in us. The story of Pidge is about love, validation, gratitude, being in the middle, serving others and reading." We know you wil love it too!  Get it now!

Wonderful Ways to Gift a Tiny Bee…The Last Minute Shopper!

Don't ever remember to shop for birthday party gifts until the day before? No worries! Order a variety of different books to have on hand - think different ages, interests, gender…  When you order, leave the to: line blank. When parties arise, just fill in the name and you are ready to gift and give [...]

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