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This gift includes a personalized and specially wrapped The Abominable Snowman. For each purchase of a book, Tiny Bee makes a book donation to your school library of choice. 

By: R. A. Montgomery

You and your best friend Carlos have traveled to Nepal in search of the fabled Yeti or abominable snowman. Last year while the two of you were mountain climbing in South America, a guide told you about the legendary creature and you haven't stopped thinking about the Yeti since. Carlos arrived and went straight into the mountains when a Yeti sighting was reported. He hasn't been heard from in three days. A late monsoon storm has moved in and the mountains are almost impassable. You know Carlos will depend on you to do the right thing. But what is it?

Ages 9 and up.


Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman, Paperback

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