Tiny Bee It! Cuddle


Welcome! Because you have purchased or received a gift that was Tiny Bee'd, a child in need has received an additional gift of a CUDDLE!  Our current donation of CUDDLES has been given to NEWBORNS IN NEED, the “911” for new babies.

Newborns In Need is a national volunteer organization, with 65 chapters operating across the United States. When poverty or illness touches babies, families can easily become overwhelmed. Volunteers provide our Newborn Immediate Need Kits filled with the basics, including blankets and clothing, for a newborn during the first few weeks of life. These kits typically bridge the gap before social services fall into place, often times a full month later.  Kits are distributed to families by doctors, nurses and social workers who see a need.

Thanks to your Tiny Bee gift, 15 newborn kits with CUDDLE-worthy blankets can be provided to children in need!