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The Tiny Bee Birthday Party package is a meaningful, impactful and easy way to give back at your next birthday party.  In lieu of gifts, you can ask your guests to donate books to a school library in your child's honor!

How it works:

1) Register your party here!

2) Let the Birthday Boy or Girl choose whether the donated books will go to a school library in need, his/her school, or a school library in town.  You will select this during the registration process.

3) Send an explanation and our link to direct your guests to our website.  

In lieu of gifts, _______ would like his/her friends to donate books to ____________Library. If you would like to do so, please visit Tiny Bee Gift Co. 

4) The day before the event, we will email you a printable certificate for your little one, congratulating them on a job well done and telling them how many books were donated in their honor.  They should feel proud of donating books for their birthday in lieu of gifts!  If you'd like to have a frame ready to drop the certificate in, it is standard letter size paper.

5) You can also order Tiny Bee party favors.  Visit the party favors tab.

Thank you for hosting a birthday party that gives back!


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